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Authorised Partner of
Ericsson-LG Phone Systems

At GRH Comms, we are proud to be an Authorised Partner of Ericsson-LG. Simply put, this means that the team at GRH Comms are officially authorised to support your business with your Ericsson-LG phone systems and products, including installation, product maintenance and servicing.

Who is Ericsson-LG?

Founded in July 2010, Ericsson-LG is a joint venture between global brands Ericsson and LG Electronics. On a mission to make businesses excel through world-class communication and collaboration tools, Ericsson-LG is on a mission to transform organisations of all sizes, across the world. Ericsson-LG empowers telecoms customers across the globe, thanks to their extensive range of cutting-edge telecoms and network solutions.
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Why is it important to work with an Authorised Partner of Ericsson-LG?

Whether you’re looking at making a new purchase or want support with a current appliance, then it’s important that you get in touch with an Authorised Partner of Ericsson-LG, just like us, here at GRH Comms.

If you’re looking for a new product, then GRH Comms can guarantee you are getting your hands on a genuine product. Unfortunately, there are several companies out there who sell fake products, so be sure to work with the team at GRH Comms and you’ll be getting your hands on genuine, factory-sealed Ericsson-LG products, along with the build and performance you would expect.

Of course, working with GRH Comms means that you’ll also receive the manufacturer’s warranty, something that is not guaranteed if you don’t reach out to an authorised partner.

Support, advice and training

As well as purchasing the products themselves, the team at GRH Comms can also support you with your current Ericsson-LG appliances. As an Authorised Partner of Ericsson-LG, the experts at GRH Comms are given superior knowledge, while being kept up-to-date with all necessary training and promotions, as well as product and service updates. That means, that you’ll be getting the same level of training and advice that a global company promises to provide, but at a local level.

Better still, if you want advice or information on a current Ericsson-LG product that you have, or looking to upgrade then you can contact our local team of experts at GRH Comms, rather than waiting to get in touch with the busy team at Ericsson-LG headquarters.

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Whether you’re an old-timer when it comes to Ericsson-LG products or have recently purchased your first Ericsson-LG appliance, the team at GRH Comms promises to support you wherever you are in your communications journey. Having a team of local experts at the other end of the phone, who are not only familiar with your business but also specialise in the products you are selling, can prove priceless.