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About Us

At GRH Comms, our passion is telecoms. We believe in the power of smart communications and we work hard to help businesses owners across the nation build a solid communication infrastructure, which allows them to work, collaborate, talk and call from wherever they are in the world.

Our Story

Rewind to 2019, when GRH Comms was first launched by Graham Hartle. Having worked in the industry for nearly 30 years, Graham has developed an undeniable passion for telecoms, built on a strong foundation of extensive knowledge and understanding of quality communications. With a wealth of experience behind him, Graham had a vision to set up a telecoms business that was different to the rest. Fast forward to today and GRH Comms has flourished into a family-run independent company located in Stratford-Upon-Avon, in the heart of the UK, proudly supporting businesses up and down the country, specialising in delivering successful telecoms solutions to organisations nationwide.

Customer-First Service

Back when GRH Comms was born, Graham saw a gap in the market. He recognised the need to provide excellent customer service without compromising on the quality of our telecoms – and all at a competitive price. And when it comes to customer service, GRH Comms is second to none. Our commitment to our customers is what sets GRH Comms out, above the rest. We build bespoke telecoms packages, made with customers in mind and bespoke to their needs. Forget hidden costs and surprising bills, at GRH Comms, we are all about transparency, trust and reliability.

Hosted Telephony

Traditionally, businesses would have a connectivity box on the wall, that all their phones connect to. And, although this function is still possible and one that we can install if you wish, we also provide businesses with a second – and modern-day option – and that’s hosted telephony. Hosted telephony – otherwise known as cloud-based communicating – allows staff members to keep in touch, regardless of where they are in the country, and better still, the world. 
Cloud-based phone systems are the future of business communications. Following on from the pandemic, we recognise that businesses have had to adapt the way they work and that means changing the way they communicate and collaborate. At GRH Comms, we provide the perfect solution to allow your staff to work flexibly and remotely, while still feeling like they are a valued part of your team. Furthermore, while our cloud-based systems offer a flexible service for your employees, it also ensures productivity levels remain the same.

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Remember, our telephony experts are here to help you
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Ericsson-LG Appliance Support

As an authorised Ericsson-LG (E-LG) partner, GRH Comms is able to support businesses with the installation of E-LG appliances, product maintenance and technical advice. As technology develops and work habits change, it’s important that your communications strategy reflects this. Whatever your telecom needs, GRH Comms is here to help. We offer installation, maintenance, training and ongoing support for a range of products. Get in touch.