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Graham Hartle

Managing Director  

Having spent over 30 years within the communications industry, you could say I have seen a lot of changes over that time. However, one thing I was taught and still believe in today is that to be a successful individual within this industry, service is key. Being able to ensure you always do the right thing by your customers ensures they will be with you for a long time.

Before setting up GRH in 2019, I spent all my 30 years working within the communications industry in various roles including engineering, technical support, presales and sales roles. This has shaped me as an individual and given me the relevant skills to ensure that clients will always be the key to any business, I worked in. I have always greatly enjoyed meeting with new and existing clients, and ensuring that the right solutions are presented, installed, and maintained, in the manner they would expect. In doing due diligence, you will make a client’s life easier as well as your colleagues.

Setting up GRH Comms was all about taking the skills I felt needed to be embedded into a communications company and giving people the solutions and support that they ultimately deserve. Although there may have been challenges, I have never been one to shy away and have made it my mission to put everything in place, even if it is at our cost, to support every client and help their business development through the correct product set we provide. One key element has been making sure our partners have the same ethos as us.

Moving forward, I am personally responsible and dedicated to the continued success and sustained growth of GRH. Building closer relationships with our suppliers is key and will help drive better pricing for new and existing client’s. Promoting our message through various social media outlets.

Outside of work, I am a father of 5 and husband. To escape I am a fan of pool and have participated in money matches which have been live streamed on social media.

Even though some 30 years later I am still in the communications industry, my original passion was to be an IT network engineer. Well, that and drive a bus so my mum got free trips (I was only 6 then though)

I trust your experience when dealing with GRH is an exemplary one throughout although my door is always open to feedback and ideas.

Just drop me a call.

Graham Hartle